Maintenance Logs and Information

(Checklist of routine maintenance items

(This also on the Maintenance Items Workbook maintained on Google Drive)

Every two months
Clean the 13 HVAC Fujitsu Plasma air filters
Backyard kept clean, free of birds feces, drain kept clean and clear
Keep pigeon spikes in place and in good repair to prevent any nesting.
Keep the yard swept and free of leaves and anything that will clog the drains. If not you may get a drain clog that will flood the basement. I have had to clear blockages in January – no fun.
A hard snow fall and then a rain can sometimes block and overwhelm the drain. You will need to shovel the drains and create a channel in such a situation.
The front entrance drain on the garden level is just as important

Open up front and rear yard drains and remove sand and debris from traps. Open and inspect the house trap located to the left of the cellar bathroom door (2′ x 2′ steel plate)

Basement can flood in a hard rain. Make sure that paper materials are stored at least a few inches above the floor.
Sweep and vacuum the basement floors to reduce dust and dirt. Dispose of old materials that will create an enviroment for pests or a fire hazard.
Storm windows should be down and secured. They protect the window frames as well as keep the house a lot warmer.
ROOFS are fragile and should NOT be walked on in high heels. Use only sneakers or soft soled shoes.
Carefully sweep both the 2nd floor half roof and the top roof to remove nails, coins, rocks and debris. Be sure that all gutters and down spouts are free and clear of any debris. It is amazing how much stuff will accumulate on a roof.
Make sure that the gutters and downspouts are clean and free of debris.
Snow should be removed from the stoops and sidewalk as early as possible in the morning. Once pedestrians walk on it it is much harder to remove.
Snow should be removed from the back yard area around the drains. Excess snow can be piled in the far corner of the main yard but not against the HVAC condensers
The city may fine Tenant if snow and ice is not removed
Open up front and rear yard drains and remove sand and debris from traps
Besides the Bi-Monthly Cleaning of the 13 HVAC Fujitsu Plasma air filters
Arrange with Blaka Cooling for tune up in SPring and Fall
City Trash Removal Schedule
Trash Pick-Up Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Recycling Pick-Up Days: Every Friday
Note that the city will fine if trash is left out, for example if the trash is not put out in time or if the snow is not removed.
They will also fine if someone else puts their trash in front of 38 East 70th
Trash and snow removal is the responsibility of the Tenant
Maintenance Tour
Starting at the top floor – 4th floor
Check the roof and sweep up any debris
Clean each floors HVAC Fujitsu Plasma air filters – simply remove, vacuum and replace – there are 13 of these
Inspect all plumbing and look for leaks under sinks
Check all windows inside and out.
Storm normal position if to be fully closed year round
Floor Condition – look for any wear or scratches and note
1st Floor – Parlor level above street level
Add the following – thermostat check
Front Door in good working order
Stairs to street, light and iron railings in good condition
Closed off gallery windows checked
Back Pantry Condition
Garden Level – below street level
Iron Gate, trash area and front door in good order
Stairs to street, light and iron railings in good condition
Alarm working OK
Backyard kept clean, free of birds feces, drain kept clean and clear
Keep pigeon spikes in place and in good repair to prevent any nesting.
Check all appliances in kitchen – vacuum/clean the fridge coil condensers
Check from front to back
Any sign of Leaks?
Humidifier OK (has warning lights on it)
Hot Water Heater OK
Cellar windows to backyard clean and shut
Check the seals on the house trap located to the left of the cellar bathroom door (2′ x 2′ steel plate)


Lease Extract

Copied from the April 17, 2019 lease agreementl; VCJ Property, LLC and Colnaghi


(d) Tenant will be solely responsible for addressing any sewer or drain blockages.


(a) Government Laws and Orders. Tenant must, at Tenant’s expense, promptly obey
and comply with all present and future laws, orders, rules, requests and directions of all
governmental authorities, Landlord’s insurers, Board of Fire Underwriters, or similar groups;
provided, however, that the foregoing shall not be deemed to require Tenant to cause any
alterations or improvements to be made to the Premises or its systems. Notices received by Tenant
from any authority or group must be promptly delivered to Landlord. Tenant may not do anything
which may increase Landlord’s insurance premiums without the prior written consent of Landlord.

(b) Tenant’s Responsibility. Tenant is responsible for the behavior of Tenant, of the
immediate family of tenant’s principal, Tenant’s servants and people who are visiting Tenant.
Tenant will reimburse Landlord and pay Landlord as additional rent upon written demand the cost
of all losses, damages, fines and reasonable legal expenses incurred by Landlord because Tenant,
members of such immediate family, servants or people visiting Tenant have not obeyed
government laws, orders or the agreements or rules of this Lease.

(c) Repairs and Maintenance.

(i) At its sole cost and expense and in accordance with
the terms of this Lease, Tenant shall keep Premises, its Furniture, Fittings and Equipment in perfect
maintenance and repair condition. At its sole cost and expense, Tenant shall commission any
required maintenance, repairs or replacements other than those constituting a Major Repair or
Replacement (as defined below), with respect to which Landlord will be responsible for payment
of same. Tenant acknowledges that the minimum cost of properly maintaining the Premises in
accordance with the terms of this Lease is $1,000 per month.

(ii) As used in this Lease, a “Major Repair or Replacement” shall mean a repair or
replacement of a single item that involves the payment of more than TEN THOUSAND
DOLLARS ($10,000.00) per occurrence and where the expense of which was not the result of
Tenant’s deferring maintenance that should have been performed. Landlord shall be responsible
for performing all repairs to the roof, foundation, and exterior walls of the Premises, unless such
repair or replacement is necessitated as a result of the negligence or willful misconduct of Lessee,
its affiliates or its or their invitees. The expenses of a possible expert investigation will be paid by

(iii) In particular, Tenant will replace, at its expense, all broken or cracked glass
panes for any reason whatsoever. Tenant will repair and if needed replace the closing systems of
the doors and windows, the hinges, handles, and faucets and toilets that are deteriorated for any
reason whatsoever, regardless of the nature of the damage or defect. Tenant will maintain in good
condition the internal paint and flooring and will preserve the water pipes, radiators and toilets
from freezing. It will regularly clean the glass panes so as to always maintain them clean and will
assure the maintenance of the frames. No adjustment in rent shall be made for a maintenance or
repair item that is the responsibility of Tenant.

(iv) At its option, Tenant may purchase insurance or Whole House Warranty
Insurance to cover its obligations under this Section 10(c). In such a case Tenant shall be
responsible for managing and effecting any repairs that are paid by the insurers of the Premises.

Tenant will furthermore participate up to the deductible specified in the insurance policies
pertaining to the Premises.

(v) In order to demonstrate to Landlord that Tenant is doing everything that Tenant
promises and to facilitate efficient maintenance, a record of the repairs and maintenance performed
shall be kept by the Tenant on a shared document created by the Landlord and currently accessible
at the following private URL

(vi) Except in the case of emergency, prior to commissioning any repairs or
replacements, Tenant shall give written notice thereof the Landlord specifying the nature and
description thereof and the estimated cost thereof. Unless Landlord otherwise advises tenant
within three (3) business days after receiving such notice, Tenant shall then complete the specified
repairs and/or replacements reasonably promptly. At Landlord’s option or if Tenant fails to make
such repairs, Landlord may, but need not, make the repairs and replacements. On receipt of an
invoice from Landlord, Tenant shall pay, as added rent due on the next monthly rental payment
due date, Landlord’s out-of-pocket costs incurred in connection with such repairs and replacements
plus a percentage of such costs, not to exceed 15%, sufficient to reimburse Landlord for all
overhead, general conditions, fees, and other costs and expenses arising from Landlord’s
involvement with such repairs and replacements. Tenant waives and releases its rights, including
its right to make repairs at Landlords expense, under New York Civil Code or any similar law,
statute, or ordinance now or hereafter in effect.

(d) Additional Obligations. During the term of this Lease, Tenant will also be
responsible for payment of:

(i) all real estate taxes, sewer charges and related charges (collectively,
“Taxes”) as reflected on invoices issued by the New York City Department of Finance; and

(ii) the insurance premiums payable under the insurance policies maintained by Landlord. Landlord
will provide Tenant with copies of invoices applicable to the foregoing and, in a separate notice or
email to Tenant, will specify the respective due dates for the payment of such invoices. Tenant
agrees to:

(A) make payment of such invoices at least 20 days prior to their respective due dates,
with time being of the essence; and

(B) provide concurrent evidence to Landlord of such payments.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord will have the sole right to contest the amount of any
Taxes levied against the Premises by the New York City Department of Financ

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