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This is a technical discussion of the heating and cooling system in the house.
Maintenance for these systems is provided by NYC Brownstone as part of your management fee.

These were installed new in 2013 and replaced a pre-war gas furnace.

The building heat should be supplied PRIMARILY by the device designed for that purpose, namely the RHEEM Gas heaters located in the basement and venting through all of the rooms. HVAC Units, if used at all for heat, should be used only in the AUTO system. It will take a good hour for these to start working and blowing hot air.

Suggested settings are from 68 to 72 degrees and always on HEAT and fan always on AUTO.
I would program the Rheem thermostat to lower the temp to 68 at night and on weekends and 72 on the weekdays during 9am to 5pm. You can make small changes to it after that to perfect the comfort. The temperature differential should only be about 4 degrees from night to day. It is your responsibility to control the thermostat to your liking.

If a tenant would like to install an internet thermostat they can.

The Honeywell Thermostat that controls the Rheem is a model RTH230B.
The manual is available at


HVAC Units

We have 13 Fujitsu HVAC heat pumps at the home. These were installed as new in 2008. Originally there were 14 but one of these (back 4th floor) was removed when the partition wall between the back bedrooms was removed to make one large bedroom. The spare unit is in the basement.

The HVAC units are SECONDARY and for supplemental heat and much more expensive to run than the gas furnace.
Additionally heat pumps do not work very well when it is very cold.
I had heat pumps in my office in Rhode Island and they took almost two hours to get up to temperature when it was cold.

To produce heat the Fujitsu heat pump systems must have their FAN set to AUTO. If you set a system to another setting you probably get just the FAN.

I can make available a copy of the manual on request.
From page EN-16
“During Heating operation, the unit will temporarily stop operation (between 7 and 15 minutes) as the Automatic Defrosting mode operates. During the Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION indicator lamp will flash.”Please read the manual on page EN-17 regarding auto defrost, EN-18 about the limits of the system in cold weather.
EN-8 will tell you how to set the system to turn on automatically before arriving at work.

See below detailed information from the maintenance documentation for the house

HEAT PUMP systems
The manuals are available in the home.
The wall mounted heat pump and AC systems are Fujitsu Halcyon ASU9RMLQ

Fujitsu General America, Inc.
353 Route 46 West
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Toll Free: (888) 888-3424
Local: (973) 575-0380
Fax: (973) 836-0447

1) Each unit has its own system controller. They allow programming and several
different settings. The most helpful is the auto-off function so that the units will
run only for while you are in the room.

2) General heat for the house should be provided by the main system. Not the heat
pumps which should be used only for modifying certain room temperatures.

3) The outside condensers should be kept unblocked and free of leaves and other
debris. Snow removal around the exterior heat pumps is very important.
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